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My name is Jodie Blackney, I run the Bushfire wildlife rescue support Facebook charity page. With a lot of amazing, dedicated and helpful volunteers. You can see everything on there, all the amazing wildlife carers that we need to help and support. BWRS was on the ground, when the first fires began, back in 2019, and we are still going strong in helping over x200 wildlife carers and rescuers, from around Australia. Australians and everyone from overseas stood up to help us all out. The world was United as one, over such a bad tragedy. And we thank everyone in the world and Australia that helped us, in our time of terrible despair ?? But it’s time to find strength, courage, hope and hopefully miracles. ? To move on, rebuild, build wildlife communities, keep rescuing and saving our precious wildlife. For this year we have already have terrible bushfires in WA, and SA, tropical cyclones up north in Queensland. And now again we have a new strain of Covid, hit us. Myself and Bushfire Wildlife Rescue & Support will not stop, helping all the amazing wildlife rescuers and carers. We are still here for you 110%! 24/7, no matter what you need! ? For generous donations to BWRS, please contact me thru messenger, email or PayPal: Jodie.Blackney1@hotmail Bushfire wildlife rescue support BBB # 062 692. ACC # 39551121 Commonwealth bank Australia Or our email to contact me and PayPal is: [email protected] As every cent counts! All the proceeds go directly to the surviving wildlife and the amazing wildlife carers we are looking after ??

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