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Bullies in Need is a Canadian not-for-profit dog rescue that focuses on helping the pit bull and bully breed type dogs who find themselves in Ontario shelters. In Ontario, we unfortunately are faced with the challenges of a province wide breed specific legislation, or a ban on all pit bull types (Pit bulls, Am staffs and Staffies and any dog that resembles these breeds is covered in this ban). We work with shelters across Ontario to save these dogs, who under the ban would be euthanized, have them fostered in a home prepping them for adoption, then finding an adoptive home, mostly outside the province. Bullies in Need has been working as bully breed advocates and promoting our love for these breeds through rescue for almost 15 years now. Financially, there is always a struggle in rescue, we currently have almost 40 dogs in foster care with more waiting in shelters for us. This means as donations are made, that money is being spent on food, crates, training and other items being provided to our foster homes on top of the veterinary care. An added cost in our budget is the flights to send the dogs out of province to their forever homes.

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