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Flying-foxes are keystone pollinators of the Australian bush. Their survival is crucial to the survival of over 100 species of native trees and plants. Without them, there would be no food and shelter for our koalas, no pristine habitat for our extraordinary array of native birds, and no magnificent forests for all of us to enjoy. Flying-foxes spread up to 60,000 seeds each and every night, from over 100 species of native plants. Bat Conservation and Rescue Qld is a self-funded, fully volunteer-run not-for-profit charity that educates communities about the importance of bats, provides a humane 24/7 rescue service, raises orphans and rehabilitates injured bats for release back to the wild. Donations are hugely appreciated and are used to purchase fruit, other food and medical supplies for bats in care, run our 24/7 bat phone rescue number, provide training to our members, and to provide educa-tional materials.

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