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Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (alpha-1) is a common genetic disorder affecting the lungs and the liver. Alpha-1 usually presents in young children as liver cirrhosis (due to the faulty protein stuck in the liver) or in adults as liver cirrhosis or lung emphysema. Although alpha-1 can affect one in nine people, most people and doctors don't know about the disorder and how it affects children and adults. Severely affected adults require lung treatment which is a regular infusion of the natural protein called antitrypsin. The infusion raises antitrypsin levels which protects lungs from damage from air pollution, smoke, dust, bacteria and viral infections. The treatment for lungs which extends lives is used in other countries but is not funded by the Australian government. Lung treatment costs approximately $100,000 per year for life which is beyond the reach of most people. Without lung treatment individuals face a double lung transplant. There is no specific treatment for liver affected individuals apart from transplant and supportive care. Alpha-1 Organisation Australia is raising funds to help raise community awareness, support affected children and adults, to educate doctors about alpha-1, and to advocate for treatment and a cure.

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