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Hopefully most of you know the importance of a clean and plastic free ocean for your soul, sanity, health and of course our treasured marine life! Our For-Social Change Organisation, A Perfect Foundation was created to educate and empower local communities in remote global regions to make a sustainable difference. We believe we can positively connect these remote communities with a sustainable tourism industry to protect their environment. The majority of these remote communities have no plastic waste management systems in place, and most households would burn their plastic waste. Plastic waste that isn’t burnt is dumped directly into the ocean or finds its way into rivers or the ocean, especially after heavy rains or a storm. Education on the correct disposal of plastic waste is key for the younger generation to embrace and teach to their older family members and break the cycle that has been detrimental in destroying our oceans and marine life. Your contribution will enable us to continue developing and expanding the environmental programs, which includes the first recycling and waste management program in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, which will empower these global communities to make sustainable choices.

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