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Zambi Wildlife Retreat is Australia's first and only animal welfare establishment that can Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and offer Shelter to a wide range of species. While our focus will be on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, we also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife. Emergency rescue is available across all species. Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, saftey and dignity to all animals in our care. Currently we are applying for a permit to construct an animal display establishment with the NSW government. This will enable us to conduct educational classes and seminars, which will help fund the running costs of Zambi Wildlife Retreat. Our Development Application has already been approved by local council and we are now awaiting our permit from DPI to begin construction of our new area. This area will house lions, tigers, puma, birds and reptiles. Presently we care for over 100 animals including 24 big cats (lions and tigers). We are also partnered with Open Colleges as a real world training ground for students studying to be animal carers. We are in desperate need of donations and corporate sponsorship to continue caring for the animals and to establish a secure future for the animals that call Zambi their forever home. LOTL Rescue, established in 2012, is the founding company of Zambi Wildlife Retreat and operates as a registered charity in NSW (Australia). CF23435

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