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Southern Ohio Canine Search and Rescue Team (SOCS) is a non-profit organization (EIN 87-1050078) comprised of highly dedicated volunteer canine handlers who specialize in locating those who have become lost and/or missing. The canines themselves come from a variety of backgrounds including being rescued. They then get a new lease on life by becoming search canines.

The reason for the formation of this skilled team of professionals is to assist law enforcement when needed, to help reunite families after someone has become lost or to help bring closure to an unfortunate circumstance.

In order to perform the duties required, the SOCS canines and handlers undergo rigorous training to obtain their certifications. This training takes approximately two years to complete. The canines are trained in the area of air scene location as well as human remain detection. After the training is completed, the canines and handlers are evaluated through the National Association of Search and Rescue. Once certified, the training is continued in order to maintain proficiency.

SOCS is in need of funds to purchase equipment such a GPS collars and booties for the canines as well as safety vests for the handlers. Additional training aids will also be needed.

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