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We help greyhounds, some straight from the track, others who did not make the track, as well as puppies and younger dogs who need forever homes to live a happy and loved life. With a great number of greyhounds bred to race, there are also just as many needing help to find a life after racing. We are one of many volunteer groups who does just that. In saying that, there are many costs associated with re-homing a greyhound. Many come to us needing medical assistance, from de-sexing to dentals as well as physical conditions/injuries that need attending to. When the greyhounds are transferred into private foster homes, we provide financial assistance to the foster carer, which includes buying their food and their personal items, such as bedding, collars, leads, coats and toys! Without fundraising and generous donations this would all be more difficult. We are very passionate that each dog that comes into our fold is given the best care for their progression into pet life. It's lovely to see happy and healthy greyhounds live the life they so deserve. ?

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