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Love, Jasmine provides support to family members directly affected by the loss of a child of any age, including adult children. We provide emotional and practical support and promote self-care to improve the emotional wellbeing of the whole family. It is important that bereaved families get the support that they need, when they need it and for many families that support is needed long term as the effects of losing a child are lifelong. Bereaved parents are at increased risk of suicide and are more likely to die younger than non-bereaved parents. The support that we provide families is based on their need and for some it may mean that they see one of our experienced counsellors on a one to one basis, whereas others get comfort from speaking to other bereaved parents in a group session. We also provide access to wellbeing activities, such as yoga, meditation and complimentary therapies so that families can develop their own coping strategies to help them deal with anxiety and trauma. We also provide practical to help to families and this may include referring them to other appropriate organisations or help them with transport so that they can access our services.

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