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Lifesavers Animal Rescue IncMission StatementLifesavers Animal Rescue Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization that rescues dogs from high kill shelters all over the country and from Animal Control facilities in the Western Pennsylvania area.  We are a group of volunteers who provide housing, healthcare, vaccinations, complete nutritional rehabilitation, and behavioral evaluations with focus on getting the true personality of the animals to shine through.  All animals are spayed and neutered prior to being adopted out to the very best homes that meet their needs and provide them with the love and care that they deserve. We are committed to the happiness and wellbeing of all of our animals and do require home visits and references prior to being matched with their perfect home.We are also dedicated to helping reduce the pet overpopulation through education and reaching out to members of our local and federal governments to facilitate this much needed change in our communities.  We have very recently constructed a kennel for our facility and we are still working on many projects. This will require the help of many of our friends and neighbors to help our dogs be able to live in a happy, healthy, and enriching environment that let them decompress from the atrocities of their former lives and help them overcome any fears they have.The truth is, our dogs live to love!Our new facility will encourage socialization and allow large areas to run and play which is vital to their health and happiness. Most of our dogs have never had this in their lives prior to coming to Lifesavers. The sad truth is that over 80% of the dogs that come from the high kill shelters will not make it out alive and some of them are killed only 18 hours after having arrived. Of those that survive past that time, many will become ill due to the lack of heath care at the shelters and they are the next to be killed.  Our mission will be accomplished only when they all have loving homes.  

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