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Kidney Kids NZ is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to supporting children with kidney disease and their families. Kidney Kids NZ believe in helping our kidney kids to ‘live the best lives possible’ and have spent the over 30 years supporting this vision. Our mission is “To support kidney kids and their families/whanau throughout NZ on their journey with kidney disease”.

Kidney disease can be anything from a mild condition right through to end stage renal failure (ESRF) which is where your own kidneys no longer work, which means a person needs dialysis or a transplant to live.

We also provide support for children with serious urinary tract disorders which can sometimes lead to kidney failure.

Our support services extend to all our kidney kid’s families throughout New Zealand – Family Support – Travel, Camps, Clinics, Education, Expos and Events and Financial Support for our Kidney Kids and their Families.

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