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Our goal, as Kamm’s Cat Guardians, is to educate and advocate for the stray and feral cat population in the greater Cleveland, OH area and to do it in such a way to benefit not only the cats, but those who love them and those who don’t.

TNR (Trap - Neuter - Return) will help make feral cats better neighbors. Neutered males make dramatically less noise as the result of reduced mating behavior and eliminate the foul odors caused by their spraying; female cats will do less howling. Plus neutered cats roam much less so they are less visible and there are no more unwanted litters of kittens.Kamm's Cat Guardians is a high volume T.N.R. group.  On average we T.N.R 350-450 cats/kittens per year, we provide daily colony care for those who don't have a caretaker by providing meals, fresh water and shelter for them.We are dedicated to our Community cats! The outdoor cat population is a huge problem and we are doing our best to help stop the over population. 

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