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Welcome to our plea for your support.   We would like your consideration based on the size of our organization and the work we have been dedicated to 24/7/365 x 5 years.  At times what feels like a "long, never ending challenge" is tempered with the realization of the triumphs over those challenges. Over the past 5 years our founder, has held this rescue together with blood, sweat and tears, brilliant logistical work, rigorous rules for applicants to become adopters, and a steadfast commitment that all decisions should be premeditated by the question, "How does this benefit the dog(s)?"  If it doesn't then it's not happening.   Fundraising is difficult when you are too small to draw in large financial donors, no mortar building, and inability to meet grant standards.  Instead you hustle, plea and take every single penny offered by individuals with huge hearts who chip in what they can from time to time.  If anyone understands the importance of those dimes, nickels and pennies, its our director.  If we take in a mere $20 in donations at meet n greet, she says, "Look we can buy a harness & lead for a dog" or "That will cover 3 vaccinations for a puppy".  We operate as a volunteer organization with people giving whatever amount of time they have, our Executive Director carries the load of 50 hours or more a week.  It's her passion to do right by the dogs and the people who love them, whether providing medical care, behavioral training, or just time for the dog to find their balance before being adopted, that encourages a ragtag group of volunteers to give a few hours here and there to assist.  You never know who is going to step up, but she manages to find someone 95% of the time or she does itself.  Whether transporting dogs, meeting with trainers, vets, applicants, hosting in store events or planning a fundraiser, the dogs come out on top, because she refuses to fail them. "Go big or go home" was the battle cry in 2020 when Covid fears swept across the nation, shutting down shelters, leaving small rural pounds unable to intake or move their dogs.  We didn't miss a beat, with a borrowed van driving 13 hour days, the rescue saved 134 dogs from death.  Dogs with severe medical who would have been put down, pregnant Mom's or Mom's who gave birth in the shelter, dogs with Heartworm disease facing death. There were dogs off the highway, from under homes, dogs tossed into neighbors yards; we scooped them all up, making the trip to Southeast Missouri every other week for 6 months. We believe homeless and surrendered dogs are not broken and with time and extraordinary efforts on the dogs part we can help them to be their best selves.  Join us in our quest to take the lost, lonely, quirky, fun-loving, comical, and brilliantly unique people and complete their lives with a new best friend, a family member…a dog.

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