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At Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Inc we provide direct care to all the animals, rescue, rehabilitating guinea pigs that are orphaned, sick, pregnant, injured, applying first aid on the spot, transporting animals to the shelter, wash, groom them to clean their fur and skin so a closer look of their condition can be done to check for and treat fungal and or mite infection. Seek veterinary care if needed. Feeding, Sheltering, Water, also look for and treat any other condition the small animal may have. Every effort is made to re-home the guinea pigs as soon as possible. At present there are 100 guinea pigs in our care, some waiting to be adopted, and others on medical or pregnancy watch, and the number can increase at any time. As with a recent surrender of several females all pregnant when any female can have up to 5 babies at a time. Veterinary cost for desexing the males to help prevent more over population is expensive, with 40 males still waiting to be desexed means they are unable to be rehomed until the are. The shelter, needs new fly screens, blinds to help keep out the hash hot afternoon sun and heat, as guinea pigs can suffer heat exhaustion very easily. the cost of fresh food, hay, wood shavings, bedding, every day is increasing,

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