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We are living in a truly unprecedented moment of change- working hard to do what we can to protect the health of our participants, their families, and the surrounding communities. Nevertheless, even in times of crisis, one in sixty-eight children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Furthermore, those currently dealing with comorbid disabilities are now more susceptible to adverse outcomes if they contract COVID-19. Anxiety and uncertainty about how to navigate an already challenging diagnosis are at an all-time high. With the pandemic climate changing by the day, we cannot let precious time go by as those most vulnerable in our community face new health threats and challenges to their livelihood. Want to join me in making a difference? Here at Brighter Future, we continue to be devoted to enriching and empowering the lives of youth, adults, and families within the Autism Community. We still have so much to accomplish, and we need your support to continue our cause. Would you consider donating to keep this mission going? Every donation and contribution helps and has the potential to change and shape the life of one of our participants.

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