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BHSR has saved and rehomed over 10,000 equines to date and currently care for 62 horses at varying stages of rehabilitation and healing which will be adopted to new homes. However, 28 of those are forever sanctuary residents who cannot be adopted due to being senior or have ongoing health issues but still have quality of life. We rescue equines that have been sent to auction or end up in the kill pen and may ultimately end up in a slaughter house with an untimely, inhumane and cruel end. Some horses are pregnant or mothers with new babies born on the floor of a holding pen who get sick with the lack of proper care and lack of nutrition from starving mares, some are injured and blind but almost all are always starving! The kill pens are awash with the great American Mustangs, Thoroughbreds that have run their last race or the magnificent gentle giant Drafts driven into the ground they once ploughed and everything in between all desperately needing that last chance of life and a forever loving home. We work tirelessly rescuing horses and finding homes with a full circle contract that protects the horse through its lifetime.

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