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Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue Logo2022 Grant Winner
Chatons Orphelins Montreal - COM rescue
COM ''Chatons Orphelins Montreal'' is a rescue of cats and kittens located in Montreal, Canada.  We are helping cats in needs since 2015.  COM is a NO KILL rescue, we help cats and kittens sick, alone, abandoned, at risk of euthanasia.  WHO WE ARE :)  Everything is 100% voluntary at...

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Pumpkin's Acres Rabbit Rescue Logo2022 Grant Winner
Pumpkin's Acres Rabbit Rescue
Pumpkin’s Acres Rabbit Rescue is dedicated to caring for unwanted and neglected rabbits and finding them forever homes, while educating people on the importance of proper rabbit care. We are a no-kill rescue and take in many sick, injured and special needs rabbits. 100% of donations go towards their veterinary...

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Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue Logo2022 Grant Winner
Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue
We are a boots on the ground grass roots rescue 501 C3, organization located in Rolla, ND

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Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue Logo2022 Grant Winner
Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue
We rescue dogs from impoverished areas of southern Texas, where strays are everywhere and shelters are overrun.

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Picolinis animal rescue Logo2022 Grant Winner
Picolinis animal rescue
We focus on helping senior dogs & special needs dogs but our mission is to save as many animals in need as possible and hopefully change lives for the better by making a positive impact in our community one rescue dog at a time 🙌🏻🐾 We promote the wellbeing of...

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Gentle Giants Elephant Stay Home Project Logo2022 Grant Winner
Gentle Giants Elephant Stay Home Project
Immediate Covid_19 crises relief for Thailand's starving elephants; as well as, elephant conservation and to work in collaboration with elephant owners and their local communities in finding a more harmonious and peaceful coexistence with the gentle giants and enabling the mahouts (caretakers) to earn a decent living to support their...

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Nonhuman Rights Project Logo2022 Grant Winner
Nonhuman Rights Project
The NhRP work to secure fundamental rights for nonhuman animals through litigation, legislation, and education.

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Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab aka SRGDRR Logo2022 Grant Winner
Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab aka SRGDRR
Our Mission To rescue Great Danes from neglect, abuse, and abandonment while providing medical care and individual rehabilitation through our experienced and loving foster home program until we are able to provide each rescued Dane with a qualified, caring, and permanent home that will ensure a good quality of life...

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Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, Inc Logo1000+ Votes Charity 2022
Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, Inc
I’m Kim, and I run a unique, home-based wildlife rescue and sanctuary, specializing in foxes. I provide a forever home to displaced, captive-bred foxes, and raise orphaned, wild-born foxes for eventual release back into nature. ❤️

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