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Vermont English Bulldog Rescue was started in 1998 as a means of rehoming retired breeding dogs that were being dumped at shelters. We also became involved in securing retiring breeder dogs from puppy mills. In 2015 we became recognized as a 501(c)3 non profit. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 500 dogs per year of every breed from San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas that are poorly funded. We spare no expense in the care and treatment of these dogs. In addition we accept owner surrenders, vet clinic surrenders and secure unaltered dogs that are being sold on the Internet. We are committed to 25%of our rescue dogs being seniors, (over 7 years) and 25% being medically critical or hospice dogs. We work with local schools, both mainstream and special education to pair students with volunteer opportunities and introduce them to community service and animal welfare. We bring our dogs to nursing homes to enrich the lives of our often forgotten seniors.

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