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The Youth Foundation is a charitable institution that is dedicated to ensuring that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to the resources they need to succeed in life. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and helping children reach their full potential.

From the most rural and remote communities to the heart of Australia's cities, every child has rights to education and resources to allow them to flourish and grow into the best version of themselves. These are universal rights and are guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, but these rights are often threatened by poverty and disadvantage. That's why The Youth Foundation stands up as a champion for the educational rights of our children and youth.

Our programs aim to overcome the inequality of educational opportunities in communities where access to books for families is limited or non-existent, and resources are often scarce. We provide quality books of choice to children living in remote, disadvantaged and low socio-economic circumstances, ensuring crucial early literacy engagement and the development of reading skills needed for lifelong achievement.

Our program contributes to helping overcome generational poverty by enhancing the chances of success in early education, thereby opening options, choices and potential in later life.

The Youth Foundation envisions a world that equips all youth for prosperity by promoting reading, creativity, imagination, and opportunity. With your support, we can continue to make a real impact in the lives of children and youth across Australia. Join us in our mission to promote reading, creativity, imagination, and opportunity for all. Together, we can make a brighter future for our children. Every donation counts, and it will help us to provide more books, resources, and training to more children in need. With your generous donation, we can work towards a world where every child has access to the resources they need to succeed in life.

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