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Project DYNAMO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Tampa, Florida and was established by several U.S. service members during the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan in 2021. Recognizing that the U.S. government was unlikely to conduct operations on the ground in Ukraine, Project DYNAMO forward-deployed team members in January of 2022 to begin planning for rescue operations in the event of a Russian invasion.Project DYNAMO conducted the very first rescue mission to take place during the war within the first hour of hostile actions in Kyiv and has since rescued more than 3,000 people in over 80 missions from the most hostile areas of the country.Anyone in need of evacuation is urged to register at and register for the U.S. State Department's STEP program.Those interested in donating to or learning more about Project DYNAMO can do so by visiting Project Dynamo:

Derived from "Operation Dynamo," the codename issued to the Dunkirk evacuation operation of World War II, Project Dynamo is a privately run, donor-funded evacuation organization being run by extraordinary civilians attempting to do the impossible - rescue Americans and their allies from hostile regions of the world. 

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