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Mountain Valley Horse Rescue (MVHR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted equines. (click here for MVHR’s full Mission and Values Statement). As one of the only horse rescue organizations on the Western Slope, we cover a lot of territory. Though we are making a small dent in the need, we make an everlasting difference for those equines we can save. And with help, we know we can save many more.

Today, there are an estimated 170,000 unwanted horses across the nation, with 6,000 in Colorado alone. Of these, 120,000–130,000 horses are shipped to slaughter in Mexico and Canada every year, where they are processed for human consumption. In addition, each year the BLM rounds up 9,400 wild horses off of public lands, but only 1 in 3 find homes.

We help reduce equine abuse and neglect through education and outreach and through relationships with local law enforcement concerned citizens and private equine owners. When possible, MVHR networks to find equines new private homes. When necessary, equines are taken in and cared for by us with the ultimate goal of returning them to full health and adoption into a loving, forever home.

Each horse that comes to MVHR receives the veterinary, farrier, and other care it needs to return to full health. Furthermore, they are provided with extensive evaluation, training and socialization to help them overcome past mistreatment or neglect, and help them find the ability to re-connect with people. The ultimate goal for every horse at MVHR is adoption into a loving home, but until they find that home they will be lovingly cared for at MVHR.

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