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Furvivors Wonderland is a registered 501c3 non profit rescuing and rehabilitating horses in unsafe, life threatening situations. The goal is stopping them from ever getting on "that" truck and out of the pipeline, forever. Furvivors was founded by a couple of individuals who were heartbroken to see large numbers of horses being neglected, abandoned, left to starve, or sent to auction/slaughter due in part to the economic downturn of the CoVid Pandemic. Wanting to make a difference, we were determined to do all we could with what resources we could muster. The rescue became a reality the summer of 2020 when the first horse was rescued at a local auction by winning a bid against a meat slaughter dealer. Since that day, the Furvivors rescue team works day and night alongside equine specialists to rehabilitate at-danger equine. From slow steady weight gain programs to canker infections to pregnant mares saved in the nick-of-time, Team Furvivors is committed to doing whatever it takes to redeem strong health and spirit, and mental and physical capabilities. Ultimately, the animals are nurtured to "rise" towards a second chance of a happy, healthy life as adoptable pets or placed within our sanctuary, forever safe. (the gorgeous mama in the photo was saved from a killpen just days before shipping to Mexico; she birthed the beautiful baby just 19 days later at Furvivors Wonderland) 

And, as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, we will open our barnyard to all animals in need, in turn educating humans through their stories. We offer services to area veterans, groups, troops, organizations, students and families in need of therapeutic recreation services with horses and farm animals. Animals offer a compassionate approach to healing that no other treatment can offer. Rescuing them to rescue us. Rescue does not stop.

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