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Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary is an all volunteer wildlife sanctuary that provides a forever home for exotic and wild animals in need.  We are a true sanctuary that does not buy, sell or breed animals, nor do we allow public contact with the animals (No cub petting). We rely solely on donations and income from tours.  

Our tour business was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and is just now coming back after being closed for 18 months, followed by a sporadic 2022 tour season. The human loss among our volunteers has also impacted us. 

In addition to general operating expenses (food, vet care and medications, mortgage, utilities, repairs etc.), we are always looking to expand the space for our animals to give them the most natural lives possible. Our current project is to expand our grizzly bear habitat by an acre.  Any donations for expenses or this project are greatly appreciated.  We couldn't do it without YOU!

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We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to Elmira’s wildlife sanctuary gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!