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Our mission is helping passionate individuals form Giving Circles to support charities and good causes they love, with a focus on regular giving.  We want to do this while keeping costs as low as possible, and that’s why we want to thank these amazing companies.

Whether it’s advertising on our website, contributing to our donor-matching programmes or providing their services at cost or free, the financial and in-kind support these companies provide lets us focus on providing our service at the lowest possible cost.  They have our thanks in helping us with this endeavour, and if they sound like pretty awesome companies to you as well, then please show your support by taking a moment to find out more about them.


UBank.  Just the bank you need.

In 2008, UBank was born as part of the NAB group and introduced as an independent brand to challenge the traditional ways of banking. We don’t have branches, so we can put more energy into offering great rates, creating useful products and looking after our customers with local support.  We encourage people to borrow less and have less debt in order to live happier, fuller lives.

Click here to find out more about UBank




Tonic the Agency

Tonic brings creative and technology together to invent, explore and build experiences that transport brands to a new place. We specialise in strategic thinking, marketing, branding, interactive solutions and visual communication across a whole spectrum of media.

Click here to find out more about Tonic



Letterbox Media

Letterbox Media was established in 2009 when the founders saw a gap in the market for traditional letterbox delivered response media.  Australia Post performs all distribution work to ensure a reliable, consistent and optimised response for every catalogue, flyer and brochure delivered

Click here to find out more about Letterbox Media

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  • Why we love Cancer Council NSW

    Each year we give close to $15 million to support research across Australia. We believe in a cancer-free future, will you help us get there?
  • Why we love ChildFund Australia

    At ChildFund, we want every child to be able to say: I am safe. I am educated. I am heard. I have a future. Because every child needs a childhood.

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