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2019 Grants Program

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Each year we give away $50,000 in Grants to Australian grassroots charities, community groups and not-for-profits.  It’s our way of giving back to the community.

If there’s a charity you love, we invite you to vote for them to share in our next grants round.  You can also donate to your favourite charity to give them extra votes.  Generous Australians like you have already donated more than $300,000 to their favourite Charities.  Together we’re making a difference to grassroots charities around Australia.

March 2019 Grants Winners

Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group - VicDRG - $2,000 grant

Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc (VicDRG) is a fully registered not for profit organisation whose purpose is to decrease the number of dogs killed in Victorian pounds and shelters each year.

Cat Haven WA - $1,000 Grant

As Western Australia’s largest cat shelter, we take in and look after over 8,500 stray and unwanted cats every year. We work with the community and government to continually improve cat welfare and reduce the feral cat problem in WA.


Four Paws - $500 Grant

At the heart of our work is our dedication to the protection of animals, to rescue animals in need and provide them safety and care.

Pound Patrol Rescue - $500 Grant

24/7 365 days a year Pound Patrol is the voiceless for the voiceless animals that are in pounds being killed for no fault of their own. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. One by one till there are none.

Wild 2 Free Inc - $500 Grant

Thank you once again to My Giving Circle and UBank for providing us with a grant. The $500 will be going towards a new water tank and treatment plant we’re raising funds for. THANK YOU on behalf of all the kangaroos and joeys at Wild 2 Free

Australian Bichon Aid Inc - $100 Grant

We are a registered charity who provide assistance to Bichon Frise and Bichon cross breeds with re homing, rehabilitation to sick, injured, orphaned, lost or mistreated dogs of these breeds.

Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Australia Ltd - $100 Grant

A massive thanks to UBank and our supporters for helping us achieve our dual aims of raising much needed funds and equally important awareness of Phelan-McDermid Syndrome through the recently concluded My Giving Circle grant round.


These valuable funds will go towards the staging of our 2nd Family Conference, to be held in Sydney in January 2020. This event will bring together families from across the country to network, provide critical support to each other, and learn from leading international specialists.


Thanks also to My Giving Circle for providing this unique platform to increase awareness of PMS, and promote our Foundation to a new audience!

Pet Medical Crisis Fund - $100 Grant

Pet Medical Crisis has been operating as a registered charity since 2010. Over that time we have helped to cover veterinarian costs for the most vulnerable members of the community. Pensioners and less abled pet owners are our primary focus.

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc - $100 Grant

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue is a small charity providing a number of very important community based programs. These include Seniors for Seniors where cats are matched with older Australians who want the companionship of a pet, but feel they cannot commit to the long term care a pet would entail.

The Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge - $100 Grant

We take in unwanted, dumped and stray pet rabbits. We have them desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. They stay with us until we find their furever home no matter how long it takes.

About UBank – Australia’s leading digital bank

We believe that happiness is more important than money.  That satisfaction can come from less, not more.  So we’ve removed the unnecessary extras.  Our aim is to be just the bank you need, plain and simple.


Since 2008, our focus has been taking care of our customers and our community with knowledgeable, honest support and convenient, easy-to-use banking products. To us, looking after our community also means giving back to the areas where our customers live.


By partnering with MyGivingCircle, a like-minded start-up company, we’re able to support important causes and help our people give back to the charities that are most important to them.

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    At ChildFund, we want every child to be able to say: I am safe. I am educated. I am heard. I have a future. Because every child needs a childhood.

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