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Therapet (Canine Concern Scotland Trust)

Canine Concern Scotland Trust was formed in 1988 to help dogs and their owners, and to improve their position in present-day society. Our Therapet Visiting Service supports 25,000 people around the world volunteers from all around Scotland take their qualified Therapets to visit care homes, hospices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, prisons, and other environments to support people with mental, physical and emotional health issues. We offer 'Reading With Dogs' in schools for pupils struggling with their reading and have an educational programme for youngsters to learn about responsible dog ownership and being safe around strange dogs. Our 'PAWS Against Stress' sessions for students in further and higher education, as well as many companies, help with the promotion of positive mental health, particularly during high stress periods such as exams, transition, or purely for wellbeing activities.

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