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Our mission is to support our most disadvantaged school students and their families in Queensland by providing environmentally sustainable education resources, giving all school students, regardless of their background, an equal opportunity at learning, enabling the best possible educational outcomes for a positive future. Our vision is to help provide equity in education for all Queensland students to help foster confident, creative lifelong learners that are active in their community whilst ensuring environmentally sustainable practices through reuse of education resources.We provide yearly booklist and stationery packs to disadvantaged school students in many areas of Queensland ensuring they have the tools required to develop not only literacy and numeracy skills and abilities for their future lives, but so they feel they belong, are included and fit in with their peers, regardless of circumstance or socio-economic status.We do this by collecting used and excess school stationery and education resources from our collection partners that are mainly schools across Queensland and NSW. Items are sorted, cleaned and renewed to the highest possible standard for reuse in our packs by our community of volunteers. Items we cannot use in our packs are recycled or donated to charities that support the education of disadvantaged children in other parts of the world. We aim to achieve a full circular economy by continuing to renew, reuse and recycle where possible as we also would like our children to live in an environment that is safe and healthy for generations to come.

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