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Giving Circles are a unique way for grassroots charities to raise money and raise their profile.  Supporters vote and donate to their favourite charities and we distribute grants based on votes.

By sponsoring a Giving Circle – which help us fund the grant – you’re making a real difference for Australian not-for-profits and the communities they serve.

Philanthropic Trusts – turn your $20k donation into $150k

By sponsoring a Giving Circle and providing the $20k grant:

✓ You choose the cause(s) you want to support (animals, children, indigenous etc)

✓ Expect your $20k grant to inspire additional donations of around $130,000 to the same causes you care about

✓ Be acknowledged as the beneficiary of the Giving Circle

✓ Ability to sponsor a Giving Circle as a one-off, or make it an annual event – helping create a meaningful legacy

✓ Compliant with Trust and DGR obligations

To find our more use the contact form below or email [email protected]


Corporate Partners – effective marketing + social responsibility

By sponsoring a Giving Circle for $20k:

✓ You choose the cause(s) that matter to your staff and customers (animals, medical, disadvantaged etc)

✓ Be acknowledged as the sponsor of the Giving Circle onsite, via email and social media.  Our registered charities have over 7 million followers on Facebook!

✓ Ability to send thank-you/offer communication to people participating in your Giving Circle

✓ Sponsoring a Giving Circle gives you a positive ROI for your marketing spend while meeting your corporate responsibility goals

To find our more use the contact form below or email [email protected]



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