Serenity Oaks Equine Sanctuary Cover Photo
Serenity Oaks Equine Sanctuary is a equine rescue based on providing a sanctuary setting for retired racehorses. Our main focus is to offer

a space for horses coming off the track and needing a place to retire. We also offer a decompression period. Horses that retire and have a

opportunity for 2ND career will be given that chance, others that may have life long injuries or are just ready to retire completely will live

their retirement out on our farm. We will offer opportunities for our horses to be used in programs for individuals who may be victims of

domestic violence or suffering from PTSD, we will also work on incorporating a program for special needs children to enjoy our retirees and

learn about basic horse care. We will also educate the public on responsible race horse industry practices and offer a safe solution for

owners retiring their racehorse

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to Serenity Oaks Equine Sanctuary gets them 2 votes toward winning their grant category!