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SAFE has saved and adopted over 32,400 animals since its inception in 2003 and works tirelessly to prevent the neglect, abandonment and maltreatment of animals. Cats and dogs find love and care in new homes and do not have to suffer the isolation and separation anxiety often caused by confinement in cages. Finding new homes for animals in need, particularly cats, plays a significant role in protecting our natural environment and native animals. Saving animals has a flow on effect in the wider community and SAFE’s work repeatedly opens door to improving people’s lives. Our volunteers make connections, build skills and find purpose and meaning in having a positive impact on their towns. We have a focus on community education, informing communities about responsible pet ownership and the benefits of desexing. Well managed pets have less nuisance behaviours, less roaming and importantly less risk to the community. SAFE ensures that all adopted animals are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated and not contributing to pet overpopulation. Our foster care model is highly cost efficient compared to operating shelter facilities and reduces the financial burden on ratepayers for animal management.

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