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We live in a world where some of us have the road before us smoothed and straightened, and others have their path strewn with rubble. A world where many face daily discrimination because they use a wheelchair, because they have an extra chromosome, because they were born into poverty, because they hear voices others do not hear, because of the colour of their skin, because of who they love.

Our society promotes a picture of ‘normal’ and tells us to fear anyone different. This fear creates exclusion. Exclusion leads to isolation, isolation, to depression, stress and anxiety. These emotional reactions cause physical health problems, which in turn lead to further social exclusion. And the cycle continues.

Rebus is an inclusive company using theatre and other arts to stimulate healing and provoke social and environmental change. We work with people who have experienced marginalisation to create innovative, powerful performance in diverse contexts.

We practice radical empathy in order to create a sustainable and ethical society that is inclusive, creative, compassionate and accessible to everyone.

Together with our donors and partners, Rebus is embarking on a bold new path to reach more of our marginalised than ever before. We need your support…

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