Grants Programme

2018 Grants Program

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  • $0 are giving away over $15,000 in Grants to Australian animal charities.  It’s our way of giving back to the community.

If there’s an Animal charity you love, we invite you to vote for them to share in the next grants round.  You can also donate to your favourite charity to give them extra votes.

And don’t forget you can give your favourite Charity up to 500 free votes in the next grants round.  Check out the details at the bottom of this page.

December Grants Winners

Kittie Kat Rescue Inc - $5,000 grant

Kittie Kat Rescue has been operating for over five years. In that time it has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 500 cats and kittens.

Rocky’s K9 Rescue - $2,000 Grant

Rocky’s K9 Rescue doesn’t discriminate by age size nor breed. We take the good the sad and the ugly. We take the sick and the difficult, the abused and the abandoned.

Cat Haven WA - $1,000 Grant

As Western Australia’s largest cat shelter, we take in and look after over 6500 stray and unwanted cats every year.

Farm Animal Rescue Inc - $1,000 Grant

While we are only just over 5 years old, your generosity has allowed us to do amazing things.

Pound Patrol Rescue - $1,000 Grant

24/7 365 days a year Pound Patrol is the voiceless for the voiceless animals that are in pounds being killed for no fault of their own. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

Four Paws - $500 Grant

Thank you MyGivingCircle and petinsurance for your support of our work to protect animals!


Click here to find out more about this charity

angels rescue - $500 Grant

Angels Rescue is a small local community and non profit, volunteer organisation, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of animals in need, especially cats

North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania Inc - $500 Grant

North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania is a non profit organization that is made up of a small group of like-minded animal lovers

Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome - $500 Grant

The Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome is a Victorian based Rescue for horses and ponies throughout Australia.

World Animal Protection Limited - $500 Grant

We end the needless suffering of animals. We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda. We help the world see how important animals are to all of us.

Golden Oldies Animal Rescue - $500 Grant

To Rescue & Rehome Animals in Need via Ethical Rescue Standards With a main focus on the elderly and frail whom are at high risk of being killed in our pounds.

Townsville foster and rehoming animals - $500 Grant

We take in abused , abandon, homeless animals . Pregnant 0r with litters no one is turned away from a safe haven until they have a forever home to go too.

Project Underdog Rescue Inc - $500 Grant

Thanks MyGivingCircle and petinsurance!

The $500 grant will enable us to be able to rescue another dog over the Christmas period!

Click here to read more about our Charity.

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc - $500 Grant

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue is a small charity providing a number of very important community based programs.

$100 Grant Winners

Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Save A Horse Australia

Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown

Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc

Wildcare Australia Inc

Animal Welfare League NSW

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter Inc – non profit


Karma’s Place rescue

Just Cats Tasmania

Paws and Tails Pet Rehoming Inc

Racing2Rehome Greyhound Adoption Group


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If you have a pet, you can protect them and help your favourite Charity at the same time.


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