Perry Outdoor Education Trust (POET) is dedicated to turning learning inside out and to fostering a lasting connection between young people and the outdoors. Our mission is to partner with schools and teachers to unlock the transformative power of outdoor education and ignite a passion for our natural world and to inspire the next generation of 'outsiders.' At POET, we believe in the profound impact that spending time in nature has on the healthy development of young people. It serves as an invaluable sanctuary and offers respite from the pressures of modern life and is great for positive mental health and wellbeing. The outdoors creates space for powerful opportunities for personal and social development to occur and fosters an emotional connection to nature. Our model of supporting schools and teachers ensures that every student, regardless of financial background or ability, has equitable access to the outdoors and can benefit from its invaluable lessons. Together we co-design outdoor activities that integrate curricula and enable young people to connect with the land, explore local stories and important places. We are committed to cultivating curiosity, resilience, and environmental awareness among today's youth. By joining us in our mission to connect young minds to the outdoors, together we can inspire a generation of 'outsiders' who will not only make a positive impact on the world but also experience the profound personal growth that comes from embracing nature's boundless classroom.

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