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Patchwork Pastures Animal Sanctuary Mission Statement: Bringing Recovery and Nature Together. Vision Statement: Patchwork Pastures vision is to support transitioning young adults ages 18 – 28 reintegrating into society from mental health, substance use or incarceration by creating collaborative partnerships with green care companies as a base for promoting recovery, reducing recidivism, increasing employability and quality of life through our Exclusive Green Care Project initiative. We have taken our life experience, our challenges, our successes, our convictions and our recovery and turned it into action through animal and nature assisted programming promoting holistic healing opportunities. Our programs utilize wholistic education within the following areas; agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, animal care and other nature based areas. By encompassing these specific service areas young people build a sense of responsibility, self-efficacy, empathy and compassion as well as establish personal boundaries and most importantly teamwork and leadership skills. 

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#6-#10 $1,500 each
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#2 $4,000
1st Place $8,000