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Do you have a special place in your heart for the underdog? We do!!! Misfit Manor Dog Rescue is a group of people passionate about helping those who need it most. Each and every dog that comes into our care is medically and behaviourally assessed so that we can provide the necessary care for them to become adoptable and live a happy and healthy life. Our major costs, especially with our focus on special needs dogs, is vet care. As a result, the partnership with our vet care teams is an important one to ensure that the Misfits get the unique care they need. Funds are used for major orthopaedic surgery or physiotherapy. Specialized liver, spine or bladder repair. Wheelchairs, braces or halos for our handicapped dogs. Supportive medicine or specialized diets. Either way, all funds go to the care of our Misfits. The kindness and generosity of others provides our group with the resources we need so that we can follow through with our commitment to every dog in our care, a promise that we make to each Misfit foster dog .

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Every $1 you donate to Misfit Manor Dog Rescue gets them 2 votes toward winning their grant category!

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