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The LiveUp Empowerment Network is a national 501c3 life readiness path matching, mentoring, and resource tool for people ages 12 and up - students, adults, parents, schools, and organizations. We want the best for all generations, and we provide fundamental tools for them to live up to their full potential. We are here to guide and practically prepare the Gen Z – Millennials and beyond population to independent adulthood. MissionOur mission is to empower individuals via life, professional, and career development training and resources because everyone 13 and older deserves to be prepared for Independent Adulthood where they have the ability to live on their own without outside resources (be self-sufficient) and be empowered to give back after reaching sufficiency. VisionWe envision thousands of people creating a positive vision and taking action to achieve and thrive in their independent lives. GoalsWe equip our audience with life basic needs knowledge gaps with real-world lessons across workshops/curricula over: 
  • Financial Management, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Career, Balance, Organization, Accountability, Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Goal Setting
  • Fill life basic need gaps by providing  temporary monetary assistance to families and individuals so they are empowered to become self-sufficient
  • Provide life readiness accountability coaching, online community conferences, and connect people with partner connections to help people take on the inevitable challenges of adulthood
  • Founded and Published 2 Workbooks on Goal Setting and Life, Professional, and Career Readiness (Now on Amazon)
  • Launched Crete Monee High School LiveUp and Small Business Internship Matching program
  • Launched two library LiveUp programs (University Park and Grand Prairie Library)
  • Awarded over 50K in Life Empowerment grants
  • Launched LiveUp motivational and empowerment speaking engagement service
  • Launched National LiveUp Career Matching to 1 high school in each state(50 schools) App and Awarded 1 Scholarship
  • Partnered with Feeding the Future Workforce Development Program to provide Professional Etiquette content
  • Launched First Fiscal Sponsorship w/ Transition Program at Thornton High School
  • Funded 8 micro- basic life needs monetary assistance loans
Funds Needed
  • 360K dollars of funds are need
  • The impact we will have with the funds is helping 24 people a year set a life plan and achieve that life plan via life skills training, budgeting/capacity building, and job readiness and stability.

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