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Hidden Gem Cat Rescue is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens, especially neonatal kittens (bottle babies) that have lost their mothers, these babies would not have otherwise survived! Did you know that bottle babies need to be fed every two hours and they can't potty on their own? It's up to us to do so! We work round the clock with upwards of 15-28 bottle babies in kitten season, a fluctuating but non-stop number from March - October and this is not including the older kittens and pregnant mommas that come to use as well! The number for other kitties is even higher, around 41-58 kitties, usually no less than at any given point in the peak months of June-August.Through crucial spay and neuter procedures, we aim to reduce cat overpopulation and suffering. Cat populations are incredibly high, each one we spay or neuter means countless more we can prevent from suffering on the street or ending up being euthanized in the shelter. In just 7 years, one un-spayed kitty, and her babies can create up to 4,948 kitties, Our goal is to stop as many of those "seven-year kitties" as possible saving countless lives.We are a completely Foster-Based rescue, we rely solely on our communities support and the kindness of others to keep saving these precious lives! We strive for better animal welfare while making a difference in our community through adoptions, education, resources, and programs such as our Last Litter Program, and Spay/Neuter Vouchers for low-income pet owners.

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