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Our Goldens Without Borders rescue was started because of our love and passion for Goldens. We wish we could save all the abused, abandoned and neglected animals in the world but we will start here. Please know we are all unpaid volunteers and we rely on the grace and generosity of our donors and volunteers. We are a reputable rescue that will focus on those Goldens in countries where neglect and mistreatment is of the worst imaginable kind. These dogs often come from dog meat farms and sold to slaughterhouses and almost always face imminent death and torture. In 2019, we were among the top 3 Golden Retriever rescues with similar mission to rescue internationally. Whether it is by petitions, public awareness or through social media, we are committed to raising awareness and being a rescue that advocates for the humane treatment of all dogs. Despite such deplorable conditions, the Golden retriever has unwavering optimism and a spirit that is rarely broken. We hope to give them hope, new families and new lives.

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