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1000+ Votes Charity 2022

The Ginger cat House rescue and sanctuary offers help to all cats, from Golden Oldies to orphan kittens.

They are rehomed to carefully vetted people and followed up on their progress. Some spend the rest of their lives here at the sanctuary due to ongoing health issues.

Cats come here whose owners are evicted, have died, have allergies, all sorts of reasons.

We also help cats who have been injured in road accidents, we have a kitten with paralysed back legs, a cat with spinal injuries, an epileptic cat and many needing our special help.

In the summer we see lots of kittens born here, the mothers are neutered once their babies are homed at 12 weeks. Every adult leaves here neutered and chipped.

Ginger cat house is a self funded, non profit organisation which depends on our wonderful followers for financial help. We get no other financial assistance and spend a lot of time doing fund raising activities such as car boot sales, cat cafes, on line sales and Bazaars at our local pub. 

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