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Here at Ghost fishing NZ we have undertaken the enormous task of literally cleaning the underwater world. As divers we have seen what years and years of abuse has done to the marine environment and a small group of us decided it was time to make a difference. So for the last 10 years we've been making a difference by literally hauling out thousands of tons of rubbish. In just one of our clean ups we removed 8000kgs of junk including 43 truck tyres and a mountain of rubbish. Thanks to the amazing community, Ghost Fishing NZ or GFNZ has grown and gone from strength to strength, but as volunteers we do require essential equipment and often quite specialized equipment to remove pollutants from the ocean. As a totally volunteer team of scuba and free divers and shore based teams we rely completely on any help we can get - and any help we can get is incredibly appreciated. Thank you.

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