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While TNR (trap/neuter/release) is our primary mission and the reason our team united, we will rescue or assist animals who are homeless, feral or endangered due to abandonment/neglect/abuse, and those likely to be in danger of mishandling. We will endeavor to keep house pets home, whenever possible, and assist with spay or neuter. We believe that a feral cat that is thriving as a community cat is best to be vetted and returned to its original environment rather than confined or euthanized at a shelter. Any domestic companion that finds itself permanently displaced from its original surroundings will be fostered, advertised for adoption and placed in a loving home following a comprehensive screening process which includes ensuring a good match between the animal and prospective adopter as well as educating potential adopters about the responsibilities associated with bringing a pet into their home. All animals (not necessarily limited to cats and dogs) will be spayed or neutered, receive appropriate veterinary care including any necessary treatment. As our team grows and develops we would like to expand by working closely with local shelters and other rescue organizations to promote the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals. We will work with these agencies to develop a network of supporters and volunteers so that we may create a better world for homeless animals.

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