FAQ & Fees

Where do the Grants come from?

Each year MyGivingCircle commits to give away at least $50,000 in grants to charities, not-for-profits and community groups.  As a social enterprise we earn money by helping connect charities with donors, featuring charities to find them more supporters and by earning a small platform fee when people donate via our platform.  From time to time socially responsible companies also come on-board to sponsor grants.

When you donate or feature a charity on MyGivingCircle a percentage of your generous support goes back into growing our grants pool and letting us help more charities.

Can charities from any country participate?

We are welcoming charities from the following countries, all of whom are eligible to receive a grant


New Zealand

United States of America

United Kingdom



What Fees does MyGivingCircle.org charge?

Our platform fee is 6.5% of any donations made which is used to maintain and improve our website to the benefit of all our amazing charities.  Unavoidable credit card charges are also deducted from the donation amount (usually around 1%) – with the balance going directly to you nominated Charity.

In some instances a Charity may pay MyGivingCircle for consulting services or marketing support but there costs do not come out of your donations.

Is MyGivingCircle.org a registered charity or not-for-profit?

No, MyGivingCircle.org is a social enterprise, not a registered charity.  That means that we are a company, but with the principle of doing good and supporting charities, not-for-profits and other good causes, central to our business.

Are donations made through MyGivingCircle.org tax-deductible?

That depends on the tax status of the organisation you are donating and you should discuss this directly with the Charity you are supporting.

When I make a donation via MyGivingCircle, where does the money go and is it safe?

All transactions are processed by Stripe who handle all transactions securely.  We (MyGivingCircle) never store your credit card details or process your transactions directly.

When is my credit card charged?

In most instances your credit card will be charged when you join a Giving Circle and make a donation.  If you have signed up for regular giving your credit card is then charged on or around the same time each month.

My circumstances have changed. Can I cancel my regular donation?

Yes.  You can cancel your monthly donations at any time by logging into your account and clicking on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Profile’, and then ‘Payment Settings’ towards the bottom of your profile page.  Here you’ll find any monthly donations you have set up and can cancel them if necessary.

Will I be contacted by any Charities or Grants Sponsors?

When you vote or donate to a Charity they may wish to contact you to thank-you for your support and keep you up-to-date with the work they’re doing.  When it occurs, contact will usually be via email, and in some instances telephone.  When a Charity wishes to contact a supporter we have strict guidelines in place that include:

  1. Only Charities that you have voted for, donated to, or indicated as one of your favourites can make contact.  We do not share your details with any Charity you have not indicated as one of your favourites.
  2. If making contact by email there must be a clear and easy way for your to unsubscribe from future emails
  3. They must be courteous, professional and polite.   We hope you’ll be interested in hearing from them, but if you’re not, no further contact is made
  4. They must abide by the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s guidelines regarding contacting you – or equivalent body in their own country – which can be  found here

If you believe any Charity is not abiding by these guidelines we want to hear from you and you can send an email with the details to  [email protected]

When you vote in a Giving Circle the grants sponsor may wish to email you to thank you for voting, let you know which charities received the grants and/or introduce themselves and their product(s) to you.  By voting you are giving express consent to be contacted via email only by the grants sponsor on the basis that:

  1. contact can only be via email unless you are informed otherwise
  2. you will always have the option to unsubscribe from any further communications from the sponsor

If you have any concerns about being contacted by a grants sponsor via email you can opt-out by emailing your details to [email protected]

What is the difference between Donating and Paying to Feature?

When you donate to a charity we add an extra vote for every $ you give – even more for regular giving – and the money is remitted to your nominated charity each month less our platform and credit card fees.

When you pay to feature a charity we use the money to feature your nominated charity on our website, via email and social media to get them more votes, find them new supporters and new donors.  This money is not remitted to the charity and we guarantee to get at least 1 vote or more for every $ you chip in to feature your favourite charity. The money we earn from featuring charities is reinvested back into the business and grants.


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