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Christmas Presents for Kids in Care
We buy Christmas Presents for children in residential care in the community. These children are under the Foster system but are not living with a Foster Family. The Child Safety Services call them ‘Resi Kids’. These young people are housed in homes that are run by agencies, using paid staff to care for the children. These homes are located throughout our local suburbs. We have two ongoing campaigns: Our original Christmas Present Drive, were we buy every child in residential care in our region a box of chocolates and some lollies, a pencil case, gel pens, pencils and a note pad or sketchbook, then we buy them something individual, something they have asked for, things like, make-up, art stuff, Nike tops, or fishing gear. We aim to buy anything we can within reason on their list and we hope to achieve this every year. Our second campaign is Operation Backpack, where we aim to supply ‘Child Safety’ a backpack for every Resi kid that comes into the system throughout the year. We have been a registered charity since May 2017. We have 4 Directors 7 Members and over 20 Volunteers.

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