The HeavyHiterz Foundation

The HeavyHiterz Foundation is a Gold Coast and NSW Rivers based charity providing programs and support strategies for those living with mental illness, and their families.
As you are no doubt aware, mental illness affects us all - with one in 5 Australians expected to deal with some kind of mental health issue in the coming 12 months. We are seeking financial support for our charity so that we can broaden our support programs with the aim of reducing the burden of mental health issues within our society.
Funds raised will be used to cover the day to day operational costs of running our charity, establishing a drop-in centre and other misc costs ( travel and speaking fees) which will allow us to continue our engagement with both the community and other organisations working in this area. Funds will also be used to broaden the delivery of our flagship fundraising program the Better Living and Mental Wellness Workshop within schools and other areas.
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