Musicians Making A Difference

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Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) Inc is an Australian charity that exists to change young lives through the power of music, dance & mentoring to inspire young people to make their lives remarkable. We provide creative support to young people, (especially those who have suffered emotional abuse, neglect and disadvantage) in overcoming challenges such as homelessness, destructive behaviour, exclusion from school, family breakdown, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment and reoffending. Our goal is not only to break negative cycles, but to empower young people to go on and make their own difference within the community.

MMAD offer 15 initiatives with a proven impact including intensive crisis mentorship, street outreach, creative mentoring, youth support groups, alternative education, emotional expression workshops, specialised camp programs, youth leadership challenges and social enterprise services.

Donations help us to:

- keep our programs free and accessible to young people who need it most
- inspire young people to find their feet again in a MMAD Moves dance sessions
- empower young people to tell their story through our Sound Foundations workshops
- equip young people through a life-changing one on one creative mentoring session creating a break free plan to escape negative cycles and find their potential

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