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Bunlandia Rabbit Rescue & Rehab is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit animal welfare organization. We specialize in domestic rabbits that have been abandoned, neglected/abused, and hoarding situations. Our mission is simple: Rescue the mistreated. Save the injured. Love the abandoned.

This year, we have taken in several special needs cases. We started the year off with Marge, a six year old female, who came in extremely overweight and was later diagnosed with uterine cancer. Marge was spayed quickly and is now cancer free and at a healthy weight! Shortly after Marge, we took in Otto, a young male with head tilt that was found on a construction site in the rain. 

In June, we took in 7 rabbits including 3 babies, lovingly known as our "box babies." Maple, Birch, and Ash were left in sealed, airless boxes at an animal control with severe injuries. They have eye wounds, are missing ears, and Ash is even missing a rear foot. All babies are on their way to recovery, with Birch being the first baby to have surgery on August 5th.

We are called to love and rescue these precious animals, but that is not done without significant cost to us. Your donations allow us to continue to rescue and save these amazing animals and ensure they get the care and love they deserve. 

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