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$50k to inspire regular-giving

We’ve got $50k to Donate to Australian Charities!

Attention all Australian Charities – we’ve set aside $50k to donate to you, and it’s available now! MyGivingCircle is a fundraising platform that encourages Australians to engage in regular-giving in support of charities and good causes they care about. As part of our mission we’ve allocated $50k to donate to charities alongside your supporters when they commit to regular-giving.  This money is available NOW for your charity whenread more
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Welcome to MyGivingCircle

Welcome to a new Australian social enterprise that matches passionate individuals with good causes that they are about. Giving Circles are all about groups of individuals joining together to form a Giving Circles.  Often Giving Circles are formed by people with a similar passion, or a common interest or connection.  Parent groups, classmates, work colleagues, sports groups, community ofread more
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