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BETAS Sanctum is an Equine Assisted Learning facility where people come and work with horses to help them become the best and healthiest version of themselves that they can be. The mental health crisis has been rampant in society today, and became even more so because of Covid. Many studies prove how effective working with horses can be for people’s well-being. They prove that hurting people can heal both mentally and physically when they are around the horses. At BETAS Sanctum, the horses are the teachers- they encourage individuals to be their true authentic selves. They are non-judgmental, they are honest, they are empowering, and people who work with them discover that their self esteem is boosted, they learn how to communicate effectively, they learn how to set boundaries, they learn how to build trust along with gaining confidence and developing leadership skills. Plus they are working with the horses outside in nature which has healing powers in and of itself. At BETAS Sanctum, we are trying our very best to be able to help people of all ages and backgrounds but we cannot do it without support and there are so many in need of and want our services and we do not want to turn them down. Horses are very expensive to care for and with inflation, a lot of horse owners are having to let their horses go. We don’t want to do that here because we need our horses to help those that need us and what we have to offer them. We know that there are many people out there that have the compassion to help others as well, and with their support of our charity, they can rest assured that they are doing their part to help others in need of healing. 

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