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Since 2011 Animal Help Alliance has been saving Bully Breed type dogs in the Las Vegas Valley. We focus on those in danger of euthanasia at our local shelter or those unwanted due to medical or behavioral issues. Our goals are not only to place homeless dogs into their true forever home but also to promote and provide community outreach, education, spay/neuter and owner assistance to keep pets in their homes and reduce the local unwanted dog population. 


Animal Help Alliance tirelessly strives for and envisions the day where every adoptable dog has a loving, responsible home, where no animal will suffer from abuse, neglect or ignorance. We look forward to a society that no longer purchases dogs from irresponsible breeders or views animals as disposable commodities. We imagine a day when all people responsibly spay or neuter their animals and put an end to the overpopulation that exists today.

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