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Our Mission Statement “is that of defending protecting and promoting the rights and interests of people from CALD backgrounds with disability so their fundamental needs are met.”

We do this by addressing serious issues of social and economic isolation, unfair treatment and discrimination at the individual and systemic level. Queenslanders from CALD backgrounds with disability continue to confront systemic barriers that prevent them having equitable access to important services and information, understanding their rights, exercising choice and control, and resolving concerns. As a result, they can experience, discrimination across many areas of life, poorer health, higher levels of unemployment, social isolation, financial disadvantage, and housing stress. They are often not accessing important mainstream services or specialist disability services, including the NDIS, to the levels that they should be. AMPARO focuses our limited resources on representing those individuals who are least able to defend their own interests, and who may not have close family or friends who can support their aspirations, assist them to speak up, or speak on their behalf.

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